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Sunday, September 20 9 am to 4:30 pm Amau’ulu Field in Hilo By:  Gregg Scott Must reserve spot Class for Coaches,Parents, Players who might consider refereeing. Free Every team should send at least two parents and coach. Older players may take

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Regional Referee Class

Football Poster with Soccer Referee, Flags, whistle and Stopwatch Flat Icons. Can be used for flyer, poster and printing advertising. Vector Illustration.

AYSO depends on you the parents to volunteer as coaches and referees. We provide classes to help you gain the skill you need. Upcoming class for Regional Referee is: Sunday, September 20 Every team should have at least one parent

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Soccer Camps

Soccer Camps are coming up this summer.  During the month of April, there is a little bonus for registering for them online. Check them out. For more information, click here. Registration for the Big Island camps

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Summer Soccer Camp

First notification of a camp held in Hilo this summer can be found here.

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