Select Tournament Season Signups!

We want you!  Hilo Region 274 encourages all 8-18 year old AYSO players (U10-U19) to participate in select tournament season.  Please read this email and proceed to apply for your player to participate in the select/tournament season.

AYSO Region 274 has two regular seasons: Fall & Spring.  During these seasons, teams are balanced by skill level and age and are assigned to the coaches by the region.  For division U10, U12, U14, & U16/19 there is also a select season following the fall.

For the AYSO Select Season, the Region 274 Board asks for prospective select coach and player applicants.  After the coach application deadline, the board then selects coaches at the November 7th meeting to best represent the region based on the coach’s experience, certification level, and adherence to the AYSO principles.

The coaches in turn then select the players for their teams from the list of eligible players who have applied.  These teams will participate in the Winter Season, Kirk Banks Tournament and Summer Tournaments (i.e. Volcano Invitational.).

A separate email has been sent to coaches in the requesting applications.  This email is to request the player applications. Unlike prior years when no action was required, beginning with this select season, players will be required to indicate their desire to play. There is no additional registration fee.

To apply, send an email with player’s full name and the words “YES SELECT” to by November 8th.

The Select Season begins after the AYSO Fall Season, in late December or early January.  Once coaches form their teams and complete the required paperwork, they can begin practicing.  The Winter Season which runs from the end of January through March allows the select season teams on the Big Island to compete with one another.  Each region takes turn hosting games so teams will travel to Waimea, Kona, Puna, and Hilo to play.  After the winter season, the Kirk Banks Tournament is held on Oahu during Spring Break (usually 3-4 days in late March/early April).

After Kirk Banks, the Hilo AYSO Spring regular season runs from April to June during which the select teams suspend practice.  After the Spring Season ends in June, the select team can resume practicing in preparation for the summer tournaments.  In addition to Big Island tournaments, the teams may also participate in the off-island tournaments held on Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the mainland as decided by the team, coaches, and parents.

Although still AYSO, there is a higher level of play expected during the select season.  This is because unlike the traditional AYSO season with balanced teams, the collective skill level of the players present on the select team is greater.  This facilitates a higher level of competition and requires a commitment from the players and parents.  Coaches expect players to attend all scheduled practices and games.  In AYSO tournaments, the standard requirement is that a player must play at least 2 quarters of the game.

Unlike AYSO Fall or Spring, the Select season teams must be self-sufficient.  A team bank account must be set up which requires a team treasurer.  All team expenses must be paid for by the team (parent contribution, donations, or fundraisers).  Other team requirements include: travel arrangements to and from tournaments and games (i.e. flights, hotel accommodations, transportation, etc.), team uniforms must be ordered, game refreshments & snack schedules, and sportsmanship gifts for opponents obtained.  If everyone contributes, the experience will be easier.

Dave Brown, Hilo RC

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