Fall EXTRA Program for U10 & U12

Aloha All 2013 U10 & U12 Families

AYSO Hilo will again be offering a pilot program this fall for registered U10 & U12 players. The program is titled “EXTRA” and will be run concurrently with the fall regular season. The description and details are included below. Please take the time to read them carefully.

Players who are selected to participate will still be participating in the regular fall season program. There will be a minimum of one (1) U10 Boys team, one (1) U10 Girls team, one (1) U12 Boys team, and one (1) U12 Girls team selected for each Big Island AYSO region (Hilo, North Hawaii, Puna, & Kona) and inter-regional play will begin in September.

Players will be selected by try-outs. These will be conducted by AYSO Area 7A personnel. The evaluation process will be the same for all regions. The Hilo try-outs are scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 1st at 4:00 p.m. on the bayfront fields with signup at the pavilion and again on Saturday, Sept. 7th at 3:00 p.m. for those who miss the first tryout time. Players must be registered for the fall season to participate in the tryout and must pay a $5, non-refundable fee. After all try-outs are completed, players will receive written notification if they are selected or not.

Also application forms are available for anyone who would like to apply to coach a Hilo EXTRA team. Coaches must apply and be approved by their regional boards. Please email or call me for forms.

Throughout the season the AYSO EXTRA Pilot Program will be carefully monitored and information will be requested from all participants – players, coaches, referees, parents and administrators – so that a determination can be made whether or not to make this an ongoing AYSO program and when to add more age divisions.

Please feel free to share this info with any coach or player who may not be registered but who might be interested. Also my apologies if you receive more than one copy of this email as we try to get the message to as many as possible.

In addition to the contact info in the attachment, you can contact me at 936-6927 or brownd071@hawaii.rr.com with any questions regarding the program.

Dave Brown, RC Hilo Region 274

Extra U10 Pilot Program Guide

Participating Regions:

274 Hilo

403 N. Hawaii

527 Kona

738 Puna

Key Dates

Registration Dates for the Fall Season

Extra Try‐Outs

Hilo 9/1 and 9/7

At least one parent is required to attend the tryout with their player.

It is permissible for players to be evaluated in a different region if they cannot make the date set in their registered region.

Photos will be taken for players cards.

No late registrations will be considered. Participating in Try‐Outs is required to be eligible for the Extra Program.

Player Notification for Extra Team

Within one week of try-out

Fall Extra Season Games/venues are inter-regional and will begin in September.

Fee Schedule

Try‐Outs—Mandatory Field Session $5.00 Fee (non-refundable) covers all sessions scheduled.

Extra Season Fees

$15.00 (non-refundable) if selected for team.

Volunteer Support Needed

  • Certified Coaches
  • Assistance Coaches
  • Certified Referees (Center and Asst. Ref)
  • Team Parent
  • Try‐Out Support
  • Check in
  • Players Pictures
  • Field Support
  • Age Group Extra Program Coordinators

For more information or to volunteer, please contact

Regional Commissioners:


Dave Brown – Hilo



Jeri Canniff – N. Hawaii



Cara Altamirano-Kona



Greg Scott-Puna



AYSO’s Strategic Plan

  • Everyone on a team plays. Every player plays at least 50% of each game.
  • The teams must be constituted with the goal of creating competitive balance.
  • Selection to the teams must be based on open and impartial evaluations.
  • Administration and coordination of the program must run through the appropriate AYSO Region.
  • The program must meet appropriate standards for coach and referee training and certification as established by AYSO.
  • The extended play program may only be offered in conjunction with a standard primary program.
  • No paid coaches, referees or administrators are permitted.


Why Choose AYSO EXTRA For Your Child?


We understand that you may have a choice of soccer programs for your child. So, why choose AYSO EXTRA™? AYSO EXTRA™ was developed to create more competitive soccer experiences without losing sight of what makes AYSO unique.

First, AYSO EXTRA™ is governed by the Six Philosophies that set AYSO apart from other youth soccer organizations:

Second, AYSO EXTRA™ is run and operated locally, by the same neighbors who run and operate all of AYSO’s programs, and is supported by an extraordinary national organization.

Third, AYSO EXTRA™ coaches are trained under AYSO’s coaching program, the only youth soccer coaching program accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education.

Fourth, AYSO EXTRA™ is more challenging quality soccer at a less challenging cost than similar programs.

Finally, AYSO EXTRA™ is designed to be FUN. A higher level of competition should never prevent players from enjoying themselves – the AYSO Way.


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