AYSO Fall 2013 Game Schedule

The AYSO Fall Season Schedule is Attached:

U14 Coaches – Status of play with any Puna Region teams is not determined yet. Will change schedule if and when it happens.

U12 Coaches – A 5th Hilo team has been added & Puna will send one team to play Hilo teams beginning Aug. 17th. On the schedule this is indicated by “P” for your opponent. If this fails to happen, the “P” becomes a bye and extra week-day games will be played later in the season to make up for the byes.

U5 Boys Coaches – The first eight games of the season are against different teams. The last four contain repeats. If anyone wants to work out changes for those last four games and submit to me I’ll be happy to see them. There are 14 teams in that division so repeats could be avoided but I ran out of time before getting that done.

U14, U12, & U10 Coaches – The Big Island AYSO Friendship games are scheduled for October 19th and 20th (2 Day event) to be hosted by Hilo. Teams are selected by lottery. After participating teams are determined, the schedule will be adjusted and make-up games scheduled as required.

All Coaches – Please relay the schedule information to your team members. Also check the web site www.aysohilo.org The date of the schedule is shown in the block at the bottom of the page. If there are any later revisions, they will reflect a later date. Please review for any errors, omissions, or typos which require changing or if there are any questions.


2013 Fall Schedule 2013-08-07 PDF

2013 Fall Schedule 2013-08-07 Excel

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