Fall 2013 Registration

Registration is now being accepted for the 2013 Fall AYSO season.  We are celebrating 50 years of AYSO this year by charging $75 for the 2013 Fall and 2014 Spring seasons combined.  This one-time fee will allow your child to play in both seasons and each season the player will receive a new uniform.  The fall season begins August 1st and registration deadline to be guaranteed a team is June 15th.  Registrations received after that will be placed on a space available basis.

For those who played spring season, your coach will be distributing pre-printed forms to your team.  For returning players who did not play spring, you also have pre-printed forms which can be picked up at the soccer pavilion on June 9th or 16th from 9:00-12:00 from Chris Ridley (443-7360). New players and those who do not get a pre-printed form can go on-line to www.eayso.org to register.  You must print two copies of your registration form. There is also a parent/athlete concussion information sheet which must be completed and printed and returned.

All players, regardless of registration method, must submit two copies of a registration form and the parent/athlete concussion information sheet along with the $75 fee to:

AYSO, PO Box 5000, Hilo, HI, 96720.

If you use the preprinted forms and find outdated or incorrect information you can still use the form to register but please go to www.eayso.org and update the information including a current email address, mailing address, and telephone contact numbers.  If plans change and you decide after registration to withdraw your child, refund requests will be accepted until July 25th  and must be in writing.

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