Spring 2015 Soccer Game Schedule – Updated 4-14-2015

Updated 2015 Spring Schedule (Updated 4-14-2015)

Dave Brown

Hilo Region 274



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Field Map

Field Locations

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Soccer Camps


Soccer Camps are coming up this summer.  During the month of April, there is a little bonus for registering for them online.

Check them out.

For more information, click here.

Registration for the Big Island camps

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Spring 2015 Registrations

Aloha & Welcome to the 2015 Spring AYSO Season

We asked fall season players planning to play in the Spring to confirm because we want to make the teams with players who have not decided to do something else. This would make some teams short of players and/or teams not as well balanced. If you signed and played in the fall there is no additional fee, just the need to confirm that you are, indeed, playing.

If you haven’t confirmed but wish to, just send an email to either ayso274@hotmail.com or brownd071@hawaii.rr.com and give the child’s name and that they will be playing in the spring season. You should do this as quickly as possible because teams will be formed and practices can begin March 23rd with the first games to be played April 4th.

The following beginning of season meetings are scheduled for next week at 5:00pm in the pavilion located at the Bayfront Soccer fields.

  • U8 Girls – Tues 3/17
  • U8 Boys ‐ Wed 3/18
  • U10 Boys and Girls – Thurs 3/19
  • U12 & U14 will be scheduled shortly.
  • The meetings are for parents and volunteers.

Mahalo and see you there.

Dave Brown


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Soccer Camp in July!

For all the details (date, cost, etc) – click here!

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Online Spring Signup

For those who were asking how to sign up online: Click Here

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Last Games of the Fall Season

Aloha Coaches,

Due to the Veteran’s Day Parade this Saturday,  there will be schedule changes as listed below: If there are any problems with making your game, please let the other coach and myself know.




All three games are scheduled for the same times but the field is changed to Amaulu  (Field located on Troy’s farm)

U10 (Field 3)

Friday           4:30               –          551-553

Saturday      1:00               –          556-552

“                   3:00               –          555-554

U10 (Field 1)

Saturday      1:00               –          501-503

“                   3:00               –          505-504

U8 (Field 4)

Thursday     4:30               –          651-652

Friday           4:30               –          659-660

Saturday      1:00               –          663-654

“                   3:00               –          661-652

U8 (Field 5)

Friday           4:30               –          655-656

Saturday      1:00               –          657-658

“                   3:00               –          604-602

U8 (Field 5A)

Friday           4:30               –          601-603

Saturday      1:00               –          607-605

“                   3:00               –          606-608

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Spring Signups

Aloha All AYSO Families,

We are now preparing for AYSO’s Spring 2015 season which runs from April through mid-June.

Registration for the AYSO Spring 2015 season begins this week.  There will be a registration sign-up at the Bayfront Pavilion  on Saturday, October 25th from 8:30 – 11:30 (Just prior to the season-end party) and again on Monday, October 27th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

Although there are no additional fees for players who played in the fall season, parents need to come to one of the registration dates and confirm their child will be participating in the spring season. We will have a roster of all fall players and just need it signed to confirm participation in the spring.

In addition, any children who did not play in the fall but would like to play in the spring can sign up at this time also.


Dave Brown


Note: DO NOT send email through this website asking us to call you or whatever.  The person doing this for AYSO has no ability to sign you up or anything else.  Chris and Dave’s contact information contact information is all over this website – use it.

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*Updated* Fall 2014 Schedule *Updated*

2014 Fall Schedule 0904

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Fall 2014 Schedule

Here is the 2014 Fall Schedule 0813

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Field Class for Parents (Saturday 8/2/2014 10am – AYSO Pavilion)

Hi Parent,

Troy Keolanui is providing a field class for parents who are coaching or providing any support to the coach in the Fall 2014 season.
Class is Saturday, August 2, 10 am.  Bring your player.  We will run through warm-up, stretch, some drills, etc.
Meet at AYSO pavilion.  Sign in for class.
Questions?  Call Chris Ridley 443-7360 to participate


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